Monday, December 24, 2012

Configure User Profile Service Application on SharePoint Server 2013

Note : User Profile Service required Managed Metadata Service. So first we will configure Managed Metadata Service Application.

The user profile service provides out SharePoint farm with all the social networking features plus more. It forms the
basis of My Site support, User Profile Pages, Audiences and Social tagging.

You can read more about :  User Profile Service.

Lets start configuration. navigate to User Profile Server. Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service
Manage Application >> Click on New >> Select


Enter Name : User Profile Service Application
Application Pool Name : SharePoint – User Profile Service
I’ve used svcUPS account for Application Pool Identity.


I will keep User Profile database name as it is. It’s good practise to change or add database name when you have two user profile running in your SharePoint farm.


You can change User Profile Synchronization database name or keep as it is.


Click on Create.
Now we need to start User profile service from Manage Services on the server. For that go to Central Admin >>
Under System Service >> Manage Services on the server


first start User Profile Service then start User Profile Synchronization Service
It will ask you about your farm administrator accounts password.


User profile service will take 15-20 minutes to start.
This in turn, will correctly configure and start our ForeFront Identity Manager Windows Services (FIM).


Now we to Reset IIS server. Go to Run >> Type IISReset
Lets Configure Synchronization Connection, for that navigate to Central Administration >> Application Management >>
Manage Service Application >> User Profile Service >> Configure Synchronization Connection


Create New Connection


Connection Name : AdSync
Forest Name : (Put name of your forest)
I’ve used svcAdSync service account. and enter password of that account.
Click on Populate Containers. and selected OU of your users you want to synchronize with User Profile Service.


Click OK.
Go back to User Profile Service and User Profile Synchronization under Synchronization Option.
Select   “Start Full Synchronization”


Once synchronization complete. you can go to User Profile Service Application >>  People >> Manage User Profiles
and can find users in Active Directory.


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  1. A great tutorial, but i can not start "User Profile Synchronization Service". Have you got some tips? thanks

    1. After some research it turns out the account that the service uses needs to be in the Local Administrators group of the server that you are running it on. So after adding the account, in my case sp_farm, to that group and trying to start it again it still DID NOT WORK.

      They Key and Resolution: After adding the account to the Local Admins group of the server, Restart the Sharepoint Timer Service.

    2. After the service has started you can take it out of local admins again. see

  2. It takes sometime. 10-15 mins to start.

  3. Manage User Profile does not find me any users, I ran the full synch, but unable to locate any users.

  4. This is because u didnt delegate control to your user. This is a requirement because without this, you can’t import changes from SP to AD, or AD to SP. Right-Click on your domain (AD USers and Comps)delegate control. Add your user and on permissions choose “Replicating domain changes”

    best regards /Nedim

  5. Can I only import all user in AD to User Profile without Replication. Because I can not request delegation right for that user?


  6. Anurag Gawande.

    When i provision my userprofile services in my own pwoershell script it doesnt take more than 210 seconds

  7. The userprofile service must run as the farmaccount. The farmaccount must be in the local administrators group on the server running userprofile service when starting the service/sync the first time.It can be removed as a local administrator after. However if you perform a backup of the user service application, the userprofile service will need to reprovision which means you must put the farmaccount back as a local administrator through this process.

    Also if you are considering changing the account running user profile service to another domain account, then stop, dont!
    When you do this change in 'Configure Service Account' - The user profile service will un-provision and reprovision. At this stage You will need to have the farm account as the userprofile account because there is a check running in the background to see if the SharePoint timer account is the same as the userprofile account. If this is not true, then the Userprofile service will not start.

    This is because the SharePoint timer is run by the farmaccount, and this needs to be the same account running the userprofile service.



  8. The New option is Disabled for me. Can any one help me on how to Enable this option? I am logging in to central Admin as Farm Administrator only. I have installed SharePOint Foundation on Windows7.

    Thanks in Advance....

  9. Hi Dinesh,

    Make sure IE instance is running with an administrator privilege.


  10. This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

  11. This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

  12. User Profile Service(not Synchronization service) stucked on Starting ...:(
    so can u give me some hint to come out of this issue...mind blocked since last two days :(

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