Monday, December 24, 2012

Configure Search Service Application on SharePoint Server 2013

For Create Search Service Application, navigate to Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service
Application >> Create New >> Select Search Service Application


Service application Name : Search Service Application
Search Service Account : svcSearch (This a/c I’ve created for search service application)


Application Pool name for Search Admin Web Service : <Enter Name>
Search Service Account : svcSearch

Admin Web Search Service

Application Pool name for Search Query and Site Settings Web Service : <Enter Name>
Search Service Account : svcSearch (Used same a/c for this service too)

Query Search

Once Search Service is created, click on ok.
Navigate to Search Service Application by clicking on it.It will open Search Administration page.


We can see, search service is running with svcSearch account.
To crawl sites, navigate to  Content source link on left panel under Content of Search Administration page.


click on Start Full Crawl.
Or you can set incremental or full crawl time job by clicking on Edit.

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  1. HI,
    I had some error in the Windows Registry during this procedure.
    For example the fact that the user account had NO EXECUTE rights on the DataBase.
    I read on the Microsoft TechNet that the user that execute the Search Service Application MUST be a member of FARM Admins.
    Can you confirm that?

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  3. I do all these steps but the search is not work, i check crawl log and its appear that the searched item is crawled but its not appear in search result?!